Terms & Conditions

All readings except “Talk to me” will be delivered in video form 24 hours after the appointment. Follow up questions are answered within 7 days of the original reading. Isobel Mitton reserves the right to reschedule your appointment after those 24 hours due to unforeseen circumstances. You will be duly informed within or before the 24 hours of your appointment.

All Sales are final.

Your video will be deleted 6 weeks after viewing. If you would like to keep the file, please save it.

Don’t forget to include a picture of yourself, as well as pictures of the ones you have questions on along with your questions.

Comments, queries, problems? Please do not hesitate to contact Isobel Mitton on theisobelmittoncompany@gmail.com. Please DO NOT CONTACT PAYPAL BEFORE REACHING OUT TO ISOBEL MITTON.

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Last updated: June 18th 2024

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